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English name: Tiamulin hydrogen famarate
CAS RN: 55297-96-6
EC NO:  
Molecular Formula : C 28 H 47 NO 4 S·C 4 H 4 O 4
Molecular Weight: 609.82
Use :

Dengjun have a strong inhibitory effect on the role of Mycoplasma strong and macrolides. 对Gram-negative bacteria, especially on the role of intestinal bacteria is weak.  Antibacterial mechanism of action is also associated with bacterial 50S ribosomal subunit binding and inhibition of protein synthesis.  Mainly used for prevention and treatment of chronic respiratory disease of chicken, pig mycoplasma pneumonia, pleural actinomycosis Treponema pneumonia and dysentery and so on.  Low-dose but also promote growth and improve feed utilization.
Pharmacokinetics of monogastric animals is well absorbed orally, peak plasma concentration within 2 to 4 hours, more than 85% bioavailability.Oral ruminant gastrointestinal flora can be inactivated.Widely distributed in the body after absorption, tissue and milk drug concentration in serum concentrations several times higher.  The highest concentration in the lung. Tiamulin is metabolized in the body into more than 20 metabolites, some with antimicrobial activity. 。 The metabolism of primary bile excretion from the feces, about 30% from the urinary excretion.

Indications: for the pig mycoplasma pneumonia (asthma), mycoplasma arthritis, pneumonia, pleural Actinomyces, Treponema diarrhea, ileitis, colitis, dropsy and so on
Dosage: The Tiamulin dollars.
Mixed feeding:

every 1000kg feed, Pig 40 ~ 100g (This product is 50 ~ 125g), use 5 ~ 10.

Adverse reactions:

1, Mark, and bring the product to interfere with coliform plexus and lead to the risk of colitis, and should be disabled.
2, Pigs in excess, can cause temporary salivation, vomiting and central nervous system depression.  3. And monensin, salinomycin ingredients, such as polyether antibiotics, can increase the toxicity of the latter.


1, ambient temperature exceeds 40 degrees medicated feed storage shall not exceed 7 days.

2, the user should avoid drugs and eye and skin contact.
Withdrawal period:


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