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Tea Saponin is dasdifieel as triterpenes with sharp flavor which can excite nose mucous membrane to sneeze. It is a kind of white crystal like minute columns after purified. It has strong wettability, shows no acidity, benzene, petroleum aether and other organic solvents, but easily soluble in aqueous methane, aqueous ethanol, glacial acetate, acetic anhydride, pyridine, etc.. It can be deposited when hydrochloric acid is put into solution. Its melting point is 224.

A griculture protection:
The pesticide auxiliary is widely used as bactericide and weedcide to improve effect, increase solubility and decrease toxicity. It also has the function of dispelling insects and biological which can stimulate growth of crops. It is difficult to prevent and kill underground injurious insets, but the specialized insecticide mainly made from tea saponin not only effectively kills cutworm, earthworm, nematode, etc., but also no pollution in soil.

Medical field:
It regulates permeating ability, resists inflammation and stimulates hormone secretion to adjust blood sugar concentration and cholesterol can also reduce phlegm, relieve cough and cure the aged bronchitis and varied oedema. Furthermore, it has the germicidal ability, inhibit the absorption of alcohol, accelerate the degradation of alcohol, so it can be used to dispel the effects of alcohol.

additive formulated by Tea Saponin can replace effectively actibiotie, which reduce disease srekening human and animals, promote all farming line to a new step. In finally, people can eat healthy meat. The pond-cleaning agent 8901 can be used to prevent fish disease and control parasite as well as to stimulate prawn to exuviate and grow rapidly. It also can be used to clean pond before prawn breeding for killing harmful fishes, and keep prawn safety.

Daily chemical:
Tea saponin is a good detergent that can be made a shampoo with the characters of protection hair, washing hair, diminishing inflammation and stopping itching . When it is used as detergent for cloth washing, the cloth will be fadeless and keep it bright.

Architectural field:
Tea Saponin can be added to foam concrete as a foaming agent or foam stabilizer, because it has the effects of deleting lipid, promoting the suspension of aluminium powder, inhibiting degeneration of cement, and the stability of liquid stuff pouring, and improving the cellular structure and quality of products. It is more effective than Chinese honey locust. For its good emulsification and disperse, it has been made paraffin wax emulsifier and used to manufacture of fiber board which obviously cuts down the water absorption rate and promotes its quality.

Powder type
Appearance:Light yellow powder
Active compound content:60%
Solubility:easily soluble in water

Liquid type
Appearance:Dark brown liquid
Active compound countent (after drying): 60%
Solid content:45%

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