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Tea seed Meal is also called tea seed cake and tea seed powder, which is a kind of residue of oil extract. Tea seed cake looks like small rocks about 10-5 cm diameter each. Tea seed meal and tea seed powder are similar but there are still some differences in form. Thus means tea seed power contains more powder while tea seed meal contains more granular size <0.5cm.Granular substance contains 11 to 15% saponin. Saponin has been shown to be an effective fish-killing agent with a 40-fold margin of safety towards freshwater and marine invertebrates especially prawns and shrimps.

T001-Tea seed meal with straw JS001 T002-Tea seed meal without straw JS002
Tea Seed Meal with Rice Straws Tea Seed Meal without Rice Straws
Brown granular & powder
(Granular Size < 5mm)
Brown granular & powder
(Granular Size < 5mm)
T003-Tea seed Meal in pellet   T004-Tea seed Cake in sheet  
JS003 JS004
Tea Seed Meal Tea Seed Cake
Brown Pellet (Dia.=3.5~4mm;
Brown Sheet
(Width < 5 cm)
T005-Tea seed powder in 80 mesh  
Tea Seed Powder
Brown Powder in 80 Mesh
Application: Eliminate the unwanted or wild fishes in the shrimp ponds;
Eliminate earthworm in the golf courses, football courses and lawn.
Help shrimps take off shell earlier and enhance the grown of shrimps;
Automatically decompose into organic fertilizer to promote the growth of algae;
Side-effect Detoxify quickly in water and are not injurious to animals/ people use the water;
Leave no cumulative adverse residues;
Are readily available & economical to use;
Minimum Order: 2X20' FCL (about 33~37 MT)
Packing: 25kg or 50kg polywoven bag;
20'FCL can Load: T001:18MT T002:18.5MT
T003:20MT T004:16.5MT
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